The Jaime Vick Moran Memorial Fund has been created to honor the memory of our daughter, Jaime, who fiercely battled leukemia three separate times.  

She met each challenge head on with courage, grace and tremendous strength.  In spite of her passing on August 6, 2012, she continues to be an inspiration to many in the community she lived and worked in.  Jaime Vick Moran was a Kiski Area Teacher, Alumnus of Kiski Area and St. Vincent College and an Interscholastic Volleyball Coach at Kiski Area.  

The Jaime Vick Moran Memorial Fund has been established to honor her by raising funds to be donated to various non-profit organizations, including, but not limited to: 

The Kiski Area Education Foundation for the purpose of funding a scholarship awarded by this organization that has been established in memory of Jaime

St. Vincent College  for the purpose of funding a newly established scholarship in memory of Jaime.