Family/Teen Lounge on the Hematology/Oncology Floor 
at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Another one of our family’s efforts to keep Jaime’s spirit alive was completed in 2014 and we now are able to share with you photos of the new Family/Teen Lounge.  Jaime’s vision was to have a room dedicated to “normalcy”- a place to go while being hospitalized for extended periods of time that felt a little like home, especially for the young adult patients.

Through contributions made in memory of Jaime and proceeds from the Concert held by family and friends in August, 2012, our family was able to provide much needed televisions for treatment rooms at the Hematology/Oncology Clinic at Children’s Hospital and also provided the funding necessary to see that Jaime’s vision for the Family/Teen Lounge could be completed.  Special thanks go to Karen Kern, 9B nurse and Mandy Ranalli of Children’s Hospital Foundation, who worked with us for two years to see that this project was completed.

“As long as we live, she too will live,
 as she is a part of us."

Outpatient Treatment Rooms
at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Our family would like to thank everyone who helped support the 2016 Pittsburgh Marathon and the 3rd Annual Jaime Vick-Moran Golf Outing which enabled us to help purchase four (4) reclining chairs for the Hematology/Oncology Outpatient Clinic at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  The recliners will help to provide comfort to children receiving outpatient treatments.   Our family is forever grateful that again, you all have helped keep Jaime's memory/legacy alive in a place that meant so much to her.

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh -
Frank LeMoyne Society Member

Dr. Frank LeMoyne spent the better part of his lifetime caring for the sick and less fortunate.  What is most notable about Dr. LeMoyne's significant history, is his role in founding the region's first children's hospital.  Dr. LeMoyne believed that a hospital dedicated solely to the care of children would provide for improved treatment-particularly those children living in poverty. Together with his son, Kirk, and many friends, he attempted to raise funds needed to support a hospital dedicated to the care of children.  In June, 1890, the first 15 bed Pittsburgh Hospital for Children was opened.  The mission of the hospital was established from the start - "The doors of Children's Hospital have been opened to all children in need of medical and surgical care, regardless of race, creed, or the ability of their parents to pay the cost." 

Today, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, a 315 bed hospital located in Lawrenceville, stands in tribute to Dr. Frank LeMoyne and his son. 

The Jaime Vick Moran Memorial Fund is proud to be a member of this Society and in being a part of the tradition of caring spanning many generations.  The below plaque can be found on the Frank LeMoyne Society Wall at Children's Hospital.